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Individual One-to-One Session


Individual One-to-One Session

This is Divine Timing for your learning from the Zone of Genius. You decide to refine yourself and open to expansion. You surrender your old stories, blocks, and stuck paradigms; that no longer serve you. You are ready to change, by engaging with yourself deeply, in the labyrinth of your mind.  You matter. You are important. You process. You choose progress with contemplation, reflection, and self-observation. Act now.


Aim: To learn a specific subject, skill, or/and healing.  To refine one’s qualities.


Choose: a topic from the Hands of Light Academy.

  1. Visioning Your Blueprint.
  2. Journey through the Chakras. Balancing.
  3. Signs Omens Symbols.
  4. True Self: Alchemical Resurrection of Your True Self. 
  5. Forgiveness (Introduction, Death, Disappointment, Practicing Forgiveness, Intimate Relationships, Money, Will Power)
  6. Spiritual Practices (Numerology of 8, 888, Forgiveness, Protection, Mantras, Sacred Space, Inner Smile, EFT, and Soul Prayer)


Purpose: To take practical actions that yield desired results.  For example: You will be able to practice / describe / demonstrate one exercise.


Preparation: Buy your chosen course, which comes with the workbook. Print the workbook. Have water to drink. Have pen, crayons, and paper for writing and drawing. Remove distractions.


Session: Discussion, insights, teaching, understanding, reflection, self-discovery, questions, and answers.


Benefit: You know yourself better. Going at your own pace. Access to Toks, working very closely with you, ‘holding your hand’, empowering you in your very personalised 1:1 coaching session.


Designed for: Anchoring your foundation. Building your skills. Venturing beyond the norm.  Inspiring your natural gifts. Opening to more. Learning. Doing. Being. Saying Yes to Your Life.


Who is this for? For individuals who desire to learn and study with someone. For the busy person who wants to have a structured and allocated time in their diary.


What will unfold?  Development on a personal, emotional, mental, physical, and/or spiritual level. Refinement.


How long will it take?  It is suggested to allocate at least 4 hours. As you are doing this at your own pace it may take longer – it is up to you. Let us say Yes to Your Life. 

Testimonials: “I am making a lot of progress. Thank you, Toks.”  “We do thinks on the spot.” “It is taking time; and I like it; as I am learning at my own pace.”  “I am taking immediate action during the course. Active action gives results.” “I am confident as I am negotiating and collaborating even during the session.” “Real life in action.” “I am impressed by your expertise.” “I like the exercises.”



Price: £250

Duration: 60 minutes

Where:  on zoom (if you want a recording can be made and sent to you)