Miraculous Meditations Membership


This is a very powerful space to unwind, let go, and remove stress. You are creating a healing, mind-set re-programming, shift in your life.  A sincere, safe, space to vision, and clearly see your next practical action steps, that activate great magnetic manifestations.


What you'll get:


  • Live Coaching (Questions and Answers) at each meditation.
  • Private Invaluable Time with Toks. Mentoring. Guiding. Healing. Coaching.
  • Live, Recorded Videos stored in the Yearly Membership portal, especially for you.
  • Listen anytime, anywhere. May help you sleep while playing in the background.
  • Group Meditations for 2023 (38 = 25 moons, 12 numerologies, 1 Closing/Opening Portal).
  • Three Energy of Now Meditations per month (New Moon, Full Moon, Numerology).
  • Workbooks 
  • Take responsibility for your Fabulous Activation and Development (personal, spiritual, financial, relationship, emotional).
  • GREAT Discount and much more.


What are the benefits:


Balances your emotions

 Calms the mind

 Settles your emotions


 Calm your mind, body, spirit

 Helps you follow through with actions you need to take

 Empowers you with confidence and courage

 Helps you to set goals

 Take responsibility for your life

Clear limiting beliefs, fears and doubts

 Decide on a new goal, e.g. start your detox

 Make decisions in your indecision

 Get clarity in your chaos and confusion

 Helps you to focus on your life

 Review - evaluate

 Remember - memories, wisdom, learnings

 Reflect - to consider, gain insight

 Reveal - truth vs. lies

 Renew - reinstate your freshness

 Replenish - restock your values

 Refresh - energise yourself

 Regain - take back your power

New Moon Meditation


Full Moon Meditation


Numerology Meditation


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