Journey Through The Chakras

7 Days, 7 Chakras Empowering, Activation and Energising Transformation


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Alchemical Resurrection To Your Truth Self .

A practical, experiential course introducing you to the concept of Spiritual Alchemy in your life.

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8 Weeks Of Forgiveness

Ground breaking methods to activate deep forgiveness and free yourself from karmic unforgiveness

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8 Days Of Spiritual Practice

8 Days of Intense Spiritual Practice In the comfort of your own home In your own Time To release blockages in your life

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Yearly Membership

Get 3 meditations a month – The New Moon Meditation, The Full Moon Meditation, The Numerology Meditation, and Portal Closing and Opening Mediation. In total 38 meditations a year

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Single Meditation Full Moon

The Full Moon is a time of completeness or fruition of action. A time of abundance and ripening. A time for fertilization and ovulation! A time of CELEBRATION. This is like summer time, when flowers are blooming.

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Single Meditation New Moon.

The New Moon is a healing guided meditation. It is a journey to your sacred space of light or sacred cave of light. It is a journey into your deeper self, your true self, your real pure note, your spiritual resonance.

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Single Meditation Numerology

Working with numbers call in the ability to communicate with Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascendant Masters, Crystals and Light Beings.

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Sacred Vows and Symbols

In the workshop, we will be working with various symbols. Some will come to you during the workshop. These could be your magic symbols or your personal symbols.

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Visioning Your Blueprint

The is a very PRACTICAL workshop to introduce you to the wonderful concept of goal setting and goal getting.

Your vision must be bigger than you. If it is not, you will stay in your comfort zone.

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Live Events

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