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1-2-1 Training Session 

Price: £250

Duration: 60 minutes

Where:  on zoom (if you want a recording can be made and sent to you)


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Distant Blessing and Healing

Choose one area for the Distant Blessing and Healing for: business, relationship, health, other.



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Quantum Healing Activation

Group Session - In Person Only

Maximum Number of People:  4-6

Duration: 120 minutes


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1-2-1 Spiritual Coaching 

Who is this for? For the person who wants personal attention from Toks, and immediate answers, with accountability. For the person who wants a dynamic bespoke session full of focus and determination. 

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Free Discovery Call

To identify what services offered, is for you. It is a Discovery Session to see if we are suitable to work together. It is also aimed at seeing how I can serve you.


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1:1 Intuitive Card Consultation

Who is this for? For those who want the truth about their situation. Looking for clarity, focus, and solutions.  Emotionally charged (fear, doubt, judgement, trauma, desperate, insecure, etc.)

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Egypt Sacred Tour

Coming Soon 




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