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1:1 Spiritual Coaching


Investment: £550

Duration: 90 minutes

Where:  on zoom

Recording: Recording will be sent after session.


Preparation: Have water to drink. Have pen, crayons, and paper for writing and drawing. Toks will sometimes give ‘homework’ to support your process.


Who is this for? For the person who wants personal attention from Toks, and immediate answers, with accountability. For the person who wants a dynamic bespoke session full of focus and determination. For the person who is ready to do the work and take responsibility for the results.  For the person who knows that powerful coaching and healing could take 3-9 months, depending on how deep the issue is. It can also be instantaneous. For the person who is ready for more expansion in their lives.


Session: First discussion is to set an intension. Each session has an intension. The intension could focus on a topic such as: love, relationship, business, health. 


Based on individual needs and intension, session may include:

  1. Releasing. Erasing. Deleting. Removing. Washing away. Letting go.
  2. Releasing: limiting beliefs, fears, doubt, trauma, anxiety, depression. Old patterns, shame, and old stories. Grief, death, lack, abuse, disrespect, gossip, deception. Betrayal, hate, frustration, overwhelm, unfairness. Bulling, suffering, pain, victimisation, distraction. Resentment, jealousy, envy, dissatisfaction. Distorted beliefs.
  3. Healing mind, body, soul, and spirit. Healing vital energy body and promoting well-being alignment.
  4. Call in: peace, respect, forgiveness, joy, happiness, flourishing, flowing, abundance, purity, harmony, love. Compassion, healing, grace. Nobility. Silence. Stillness. Honesty. Integrity. Guidance. Divine Intuition. Miracles. Energy flow. Living your Dream. Yes, to Life. Mastery. Healing. Longevity. Laughter. Healthy boundaries.
  5. Chakra and energy clearing and energising.
  6. Aligning your Soul work. Support in finding your Soul’s purpose. Reconnecting to receive your Soul Aligned people (partner, business, clients, family). Activating intuition. Visioning your Blueprint.
  7. Channelling, ascension, DNA activation, awakening, visioning, downloads, Light Language, Quantum Healing, Sound Healing, Accelerated healing. Activation and downloads with Creator, Legions of Light and Hands of Light. Higher Divine Dimensional realities.
  8. Past lives, ancestral karma, karmic attachments, vows, contracts, omens, signs, and negative cording. Akashic records. Timelines. Quantum leaps.
  9. Connecting to cosmic beings, planets, aliens, etc


Length of Time:  Powerful coaching and healing can take 3-9 months, depending on how deep the issue is. You take your time. We go at your own pace.


Structure: Toks has been doing this work for 33 years. She will keep you on track and hold the focus if you lose it. Toks structures the work on the physical plane. Divine Timing and manifestation is from Creator of All That Is.


Outcome: Living your dream. Personal development, spiritual development, emotional development, physical development, and mental development. This is your Alchemical Resurrection of your own True Self.




Hands of Light Business Coaching is very, very powerful. When I'm confused and in between many, many things, needing answers I find the guidance and mentoring very good. It is brilliant; brilliantly sharp with the correct answer like choosing the right staff, who to keep and who to go. We know how important it is to have the right staff. Having someone to talk too and give me very powerful intuitive guidance which get amazing results. My profits increased. My staff became happy and told me the truth. The perfect team is essential to do perfect work. Working in my business with Toks is extraordinarily. It has helped me concentrate on the right priority with profitable results.

Merve Tüfekçi