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 1:1 Intuitive Card Consultation


Where: On Zoom 

Investment:  £150

Duration: 30 minutes 

Recording: will be on zoom and sent to you.


Session: Overview of where you are now in your life. Questions and Answers with Discussion.


Preparation: Prepare your questions.


Who is this for? For those who want the truth about their situation. Looking for clarity, focus, and solutions.  Emotionally charged (fear, doubt, judgement, trauma, desperate, insecure, etc.)


After: this session you can upgrade to a more intense and personal session where you go deeper.




Had my reading with Toks yesterday and it could not have come at a better time or with a clearer message. The last few months have been really intense for me, lots of healing, lots of lessons and realisations and found myself overwhelmed and unsure how to take all this into my life. Toks has helped me make sense, find peace and more importantly, helped me find my confidence to myself and my inner wisdom. She is a truly amazing Guide with a lot of love and a very grounded presence that helps individuals find their own Truth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx