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  • The New Moon Meditations
  • The Full Moon Meditations
  • The Numerology Meditations

 These meditations calm, give clarity and increase self-confidence. They gather like-minded people together, welcoming, uplifting and nurturing their mind, body and spirit, bringing out a calm smile of inner peace.

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What are the benefits of the meditations 

The suggested benefits are:

Balances you emotions

Calms the mind

Settles your emotions


Calm your mind, body, spirit

Helps you follow through with actions you need to take

Empowers you with confidence and courage

Helps you to set goals

Take responsibility for your life

Clear limiting beliefs, fears and doubts

Decide on a new goal, e.g. start your detox

Make decisions in your indecision

Get clarity in your chaos and confusion

Helps you to focus on your life

Review - evaluate

Remember - memories, wisdom, learnings

Reflect - to consider, gain insight

Reveal - truth vs. lies

Renew - reinstate your freshness

Replenish - restock your values

Refresh - energise yourself

Regain - take back your power

What is the numberology miraculous meditation about?  

Numerology is a language that speaks to us through the vibration of numbers. We all know about the power of 3 (Father, Sun and Holy Ghost). We all know about the power of 8 (infinity). 4 represents solid foundation. The number 1 is about leadership. In the meditations we anchor and take the energy of each number into a powerful vortex to create meaning in our lives.

Numerology Meditations merge our left and right brain and move us into a multi-dimensional plane. This further shifts us into ONE-NESS vibration where everything merges into nothingness and then the clarity, the knowing, the healing takes place. From the place of void, we have peace and deep, deep insight.

Working with numbers call in the ability to communicate with Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascendant Masters, Crystals and Light Beings.

Some people see numbers constantly and it gives them a message. For me the numbers have different meanings – like 11:11 is different from 111 and 8 is different from 8:8. Each numerology meditation links us to understanding our relation between numbers and our relationships and the feelings that are triggered within you.


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What is the new moon miraculous meditation about? 

The New Moon is a healing guided meditation. It is a journey to your sacred space of light or sacred cave of light. It is a journey into your deeper self, your true self, your real pure note, your spiritual resonance.

It is a healing meditation on a multi-dimensional level. A time of New Beginnings.

It is about starting afresh, planting a new seed and connecting to your higher self.

It is a self healing and self discovery meditation. It empowers you with the knowledge and fact that once you can attend to yourself, you can attend to others with ease. It is about renewing yourself, rebirthing new ideas and activating creative life force in yourself and around you. It is a very rejuvenating meditation.

The New Moon is a time to plant seeds in your life to create your own garden. This means to plant new seeds e.g. dreams, goals, ideas, inspirations, affirmations, incantations, mission, vision.

These seeds will grow and flower into your garden of dreams, goals, ideas, inspirations, affirmations, incantations, mission and/or vision. This meditation is for you, for ‘spiritual’ planting, for bringing in the new and creating freshness in your life.

You begin to create for yourself a ‘new’ beginning, purpose, intention and direction. You look at new ways of thinking, being and acting to move you out of a ‘rut’. You take action as you plant positive ideas in your subconscious mind. You are able to begin new projects.

You are able to pray for new beginnings, hope and a youthful outlook. You transform doubt, worry and anxiety into hope, strength, courage and peace.

Many have found it empowering, enabling them to return to their own centre and to begin afresh when they have felt stuck or disempowered. Many have reported that it enabled them to clearly see the reality of their lives and encouraged them to face the truth and move forward in a positive light. Some realised they wanted to get pregnant, a mortgage, a new job or a new partner.

Others wanted to develop a better relationship with their family. Some realized they had to break away from people, places, and habits that no longer served them. While others suddenly recognized that they were on the right path and needed to continue their journey with freshness and vitality.

A time of reflection and introspection that returns you to your centre of Being. It is about praying, asking, receiving and giving thanks. It is about recharging your body, mind and spirit.

It is CREATING blessings in your life NOW.



What is the full moon miraculous mediation about? 

The Full Moon is a time of completeness or fruition of action. A time of abundance and ripening. A time for fertilization and ovulation! A time of CELEBRATION. This is like summer time, when flowers are blooming.

The Full Moon is a time full of emotional energy which is very high during the 3 days before the Full Moon and after the Full Moon.

A time to face our various and many emotions.

Everything is amplified with the energy of the Full Moon e.g. emotions, passions, love etc. You may experience strongly charged emotions with abundant, sometimes uncontrollable, feelings; which can lead you to lose control in a positive or negative way. Remember; the choice, as always, is yours.

What you perceive as your reality depends on what you are feeling at the time of the Full Moon and this can cause a lot of confusion if not checked. The gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon on Earth, set these extremes up. This can be a hard time to find balance. A time of extremes.

Congratulate yourself. The light of the Full Moon brings about manifestation of our goals or shows us the progress we have made and how far we have to go to complete – as we progress toward our goals.

It shows us clearly where we are in the process of the realization of our plans, visions and goals. The revelation may hit us in a positive or negative way.


Who runs this course?

Toks is a Master Healer, Teacher, Alchemist, Practitioner, Intuitive Coach and Mentor.

She has a passion to awaken, transform, and empower her international soul aligned clients and students.  Her greatest joy is to witness their miracles and see the transformation in their faces, lives, and behaviour.  ‘Toks, I am living my dream.’ ‘I am getting married.’ ‘I am pregnant.’ ‘I am alive in every way.’  ‘I am much better and healed from my trauma.’ ‘I can trust again.’ ‘I am running my business.’ ‘I choose to say yes to my life.’

She continues to help her clients ‘break free from overwhelm, negativity and confusion’; ‘see clearly’, ‘remove blocks’ and ‘listen to my inner voice’.  The ripple effect of this means that she has worked with thousands of people (babies, elders, nuns, lawyers, royalty, celebrities, artists, the sick and dying) to find wholeness.

In mainstream education, she has taught personal development to children who have fallen off the school system, employability to ESOL students, and relaxation to vulnerable, battered women. Her gatherings activate a catalytic change in people’s life.

She has toured sacred lands, (Egypt, Mexico, Greece, Italy, France, Nigeria), connecting to their power, wisdom, and healing energy; to amplify her knowledge and healing ability.

She has created the ‘I Greet You’ Invocation Blessing of powerful prayers and the Hands of Light Academy platform for learning and community. She serves with tools to master your life, Quantum Leaps, Light Activations, Downloads, and Intuitive Soul Consultations.

Say yes to life and work with me

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What customers are saying...

“The experience was light and grounding all at once - a sense of worlds shifting / planes shifting in and out as primordial consciousness. The group dynamics were refreshing, though verbal and eye contact was scarce. Very interesting. So glad I came.”


“Thank you. It is such an honour to finally be here in your circle. I felt welcomed from the very moment I walked through the door. It’s been an amazing, uplifting, nurturing and loving experience. Thank you from my heart to yours” 

 Sharon Gordon

"The two moon Alchemy Workshops I attended made me feel rejuvenated and nourished. I sensed Toks power to connect with spirit and teach us to connect with it too. She spread her love, light and wisdom and I am forever thankful"

Lucia Castan


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