Alchemicle Resurrection Of Your True Self


This course is PRACTICAL, experiential, and introduces you to the concept of Spiritual Alchemy in your life.

This is a deep, inner, and personal journey: journeying you deep into your psyche.

The course uses simple powerful alchemical esoteric tools to help you redefine, define, and refine your True Self.

Why would you want to have an Alchemical Resurrection of Your True Self?

Because you would want to live your True Authentic Self.

Are you ready to remove your masks? False identity? Negative beliefs? Lifestyles that do not serve you anymore.

Have you had enough of pretending, fake smiles and hollow feelings inside you?

Would you like to you stop old habits that no longer serve you?

Do you want to release pretending, fake smiles and the hollow feeling you feel inside? 

Are you ready to ‘die’ the Shaman’s Death and have a ‘rebirth’?

Are you ready to rise like a phoenix?

Are you wanting to create fertile ground when you let all your masks and false identities die?Are you living your lie, or somebody else’s lie about you?

Are you living your Truth or somebody else’s Truth of who you are?

The course will clarify who you are, where you are now, who you are becoming, where you are going, what you are becoming, and will reveal your True Self to you.

With this clarity you will have more understanding about what you are wanting with confidence and courage in your relationships, career, finding your direction, purpose, and your Soul.

An Alchemical Resurrection is a Decision you make for yourself, for you to Rise Above where you are right now, to come in and Rise to the True Essence of who you are.



By the end of the course, you should be able to: 

Explain the term ‘Alchemical Resurrection’.

List 2 areas in your life for an Alchemical Resurrection.

List 2 benefits of your Alchemical Resurrection.

Know and identify 2 masks that you wear.

Create and show a clear A3/A4 Vision Board (demonstrating your goals, wishes, desires, wanting).

Perform a simple healing exercise for yourself.

Perform a psychic protection exercise on yourself.

Describe how your alchemical resurrection happened for you.

Identify and Describe Your True Self.

Perform a ‘Ritual of Communication’ (Invoking, Affirming, Declaring, etc.) as you describe your True Self, beginning with the sentence ‘I AM'



  Is this for ME?

Yes, if you want to find your True Self.

Yes, if you want to know your True Self.

Yes, if you are tired of your own fake-ness.

Yes, if you want more in your life.

Yes, if you are ready to try something new.

Yes, if you are ready to open to more of you.

Yes, if you are ready for your change.

Yes, if you are ready to do deep spiritual development on yourself.

Yes, if you are ready to dig deeper into your psyche.

Yes, if you are ready for a new way to look at your life.

Yes, if you have time to allocate for your transformation.



Are you ready to really find a Dimension that Resonates with you, and Create and Connect always – be Connected and Aligned to that dimension of Your True Self and the True You?

This course will help you begin to understand what it is to be your True Self and the True You.

Some of the Benefits to Anchoring your Alchemical Resurrection of Your True Self is you Anchor Protection, you Anchor Insight, you Anchor Knowledge, You Anchor Focus, and a Strong Commitment and Direction of where your Life is, and where it should be going.

The stagnation is over. Time for cycles and movement. You will know where you are in the cycle of life – the Medicine Wheel. Are you at the beginning, the creation time, the growing time, the middle, the developing time, or the end of a cycle? Do not get caught up in old patterns, old habits, old thoughts, old beliefs,  and old ways that limit you and keep you stuck in a rut.


Everything depends on you. 


Who runs this course?

Toks is a Master Healer, Teacher, Alchemist, Practitioner, Intuitive Coach and Mentor.

She has a passion to awaken, transform, and empower her international soul aligned clients and students.  Her greatest joy is to witness their miracles and see the transformation in their faces, lives, and behaviour.  ‘Toks, I am living my dream.’ ‘I am getting married.’ ‘I am pregnant.’ ‘I am alive in every way.’  ‘I am much better and healed from my trauma.’ ‘I can trust again.’ ‘I am running my business.’ ‘I choose to say yes to my life.’

She continues to help her clients ‘break free from overwhelm, negativity and confusion’; ‘see clearly’, ‘remove blocks’ and ‘listen to my inner voice’.  The ripple effect of this means that she has worked with thousands of people (babies, elders, nuns, lawyers, royalty, celebrities, artists, the sick and dying) to find wholeness.

In mainstream education, she has taught personal development to children who have fallen off the school system, employability to ESOL students, and relaxation to vulnerable, battered women. Her gatherings activate a catalytic change in people’s life.

She has toured sacred lands, (Egypt, Mexico, Greece, Italy, France, Nigeria), connecting to their power, wisdom, and healing energy; to amplify her knowledge and healing ability.

She has created the ‘I Greet You’ Invocation Blessing of powerful prayers and the Hands of Light Academy platform for learning and community. She serves with tools to master your life, Quantum Leaps, Light Activations, Downloads, and Intuitive Soul Consultations.

Say yes to life and work with me



What customers are saying...

Shahana Yasmin: Finding My Trust

The healing energy that Toks offers in her workshops (and in her presence) are so very powerful and nurturing. The intentions set in the energetic space always draws back some very fruitful results. Thank you, Toks, for your unconditional love and light. My alchemical resurrection was finding my truth again. The exercise that moved me the most was the vision board exercise

John Sergent: Let Go blocks, Doubts, Worries

Toks creates the perfect loving and creative space for you to go very deep and express your truth, let go of all the unwanted blocks, as well as identify and clarify your life. This workshop cleared all my doubts and worries and allowed me to look forward to the coming New Year with a delicious excitement and dynamism. The space was great, warm, and cosy. My alchemical resurrection was my own empowering.”

Mary London: Writing my Goals

Wearing white was a new thing for me in this inspiring space. I enjoyed most the exercise on writing my goals within a positive group energy. Toks’ energy is greatly inspirational. She is a wonderful teacher.”



Are You Ready?

This workshop is about Anchoring your True Self, Seeing your True Self and Being your True Self.

Once you Align to your True Self, you begin to know True Peace, True Love, True Respect and you begin to say, "I Love me. I Love myself."

This Vortex is for you if you are ready to move beyond where you are right now, to something More Fascinating, More Absorbing, more Centred, and above all, more Joy within you.

This is a space for Spiritual Power and Sacred Manifestation. We will call in the Stone People of Mother Earth, the crystals. We will meditate with them and ask for help in our journey to the underworld and back up. Very powerful process. Knowing will be revealed. Memories will return. You will activate your pineal and pituitary glands. You will stimulate your inner knowing and reveal to yourself so much information you will blow your mind!!! New understanding is coming your way.

It is a space where you can Truly Look into the Mirror, and Look into your Eyes, and See the True Value and Version of You. Knowing that, in Seeing YourSelf, you Become Visible. In Being Visible, you See YourSelf. The two are interlinked – they are One and the same.




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