Are you ready to learn about Sacred Vows and Symbols?


This is a wonderfully auspicious time to learn and practice using the magic of Symbols and understanding the meaning of Sacred Vows.

 What are Sacred Vows and Symbols? 

There are many types of Symbols and Vows. Would you like to learn about the various types?

*Why would you work with one Symbol and not another?

*What is a Vow?

*What are the various types of Vows?

*When do you use a Vow?

*What does it mean to make a Vow?

*What is an Omen?

*What is a Sign?

*What is a Contract?


What is the message for you in all of this?

*Is it spiritual? Is it healing?

*Is it protection?

*Is it a warning?

*Is it financial?

*Is it about your family, relationship, karma?


in this workshop you will learn about:











*What is a Symbol?  *What is a Contract?

*What is a Vow  *What is a Sign?

*What is an Omen?  *What is Sacred?


 *Legal definition

*Spiritual definition

*Emotional Definition

*Mental Definition

*Physical Definition


In the workshop, we will be working with various symbols. Some will come to you during the workshop. These could be your magic symbols or your personal symbols. They could be symbols of protection, symbols of messages, symbols for healing. Find out in the creative intuitive workshop for sacred healing and insights.


Who runs this course?

Toks is a Master Healer, Teacher, Alchemist, Practitioner, Intuitive Coach and Mentor.

She has a passion to awaken, transform, and empower her international soul aligned clients and students.  Her greatest joy is to witness their miracles and see the transformation in their faces, lives, and behaviour.  ‘Toks, I am living my dream.’ ‘I am getting married.’ ‘I am pregnant.’ ‘I am alive in every way.’  ‘I am much better and healed from my trauma.’ ‘I can trust again.’ ‘I am running my business.’ ‘I choose to say yes to my life.’

She continues to help her clients ‘break free from overwhelm, negativity and confusion’; ‘see clearly’, ‘remove blocks’ and ‘listen to my inner voice’.  The ripple effect of this means that she has worked with thousands of people (babies, elders, nuns, lawyers, royalty, celebrities, artists, the sick and dying) to find wholeness.

In mainstream education, she has taught personal development to children who have fallen off the school system, employability to ESOL students, and relaxation to vulnerable, battered women. Her gatherings activate a catalytic change in people’s life.

She has toured sacred lands, (Egypt, Mexico, Greece, Italy, France, Nigeria), connecting to their power, wisdom, and healing energy; to amplify her knowledge and healing ability.

She has created the ‘I Greet You’ Invocation Blessing of powerful prayers and the Hands of Light Academy platform for learning and community. She serves with tools to master your life, Quantum Leaps, Light Activations, Downloads, and Intuitive Soul Consultations.

Say yes to life and work with me

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About the course

This is an experiential workshop that enables you to call in your power and understand the meaning for you in this lifetime.

Are you ready to open up your mind and allow more understanding in? Are you ready to feel more?

Are you ready to release some negative feelings and emotions that are clogging you up, like a blocked sink that needs to be released? What are you wanting to free yourself from? Are you feeling stuck and repressed? Have you had enough? Enough of what?



*Are you ready to learn more about symbols and their meanings?

*Are you ready to understand what they mean in your life?

*What is a Symbol?

*What is a Vow?

*How can I know how to work with Symbols?

*Can I own a Symbol?

*What benefits are there in working with Symbols?

*What is a Vow?

*How do you make a Vow?

*When do you make a Vow?

*Are there good and bad Vows?



Are you ready to talk and listen to them? Understanding the Mystic Vibration of what it is to Speak to Symbols or Symbols to Speak to you is a very powerful vortex and ability to practice and learn.

There are cultural symbols, ancestral messages, invocation vows, and much more. Come share your thoughts and ideas.



Awakening your Divine Insight happens when you work with Symbols.

*Are you ready to awaken your Divine Insight?

*Is it time for you to connect to your Christ Consciousness Vows?

*Are you Ready to Understand the "Signs" that you See?

*Is it time for you to Align to your Soul Symbols?

*Do you recognise Omens when you See them or Sense them?

*What does it mean to Honour your Sacred Contracts?



Time for you to Align your Intuition to your Heart.

The Anatomy of the Labyrinth of your Soul Aligns to the Intense Vibration of your True Alignment.

Join us, in a One-Day Magical Exciting Experiential Workshop, where we learn, share, discuss and meditate on various symbols, omen's vows and contracts.

The Power of your Spirit will be Truly Activated and Raised: you will Raise your Light Quotient 100 %


Energy Vibration

*Are you ready to lift your emotions to one of bliss and joyful happiness?

*Are you ready for your Power Hour?

*Your Power Hour is your alignment to your readiness to take the next step forward.

We will be working with a lot of Energy and downloads and powerful insights coming through for you personally.

Are you ready for more?


Check out the testimonials 

This woman is pure magic. She is gracious, she is kind, she is generous. She helped me through many difficult and tight moments in my life in the appropriate way. She used whatever technique was required for each issue. She has a knowing and I want to thank her many times over.” Lisette Keats

Toks truly loves her sacred work, you can see it in her eyes. You sense her care, her love and deep desire to help you, whatever your situation. You feel and experience yourself being nurtured by a truly caring free spirit." Writer

Are you ready to learn about Sacred Vows and Symbols?