Are you ready to release blockages in your life?

Then join the 

8 Days of Spiritual Practice Course


8 Days of Intense Spiritual Practice In the comfort of your own home and completed In your own time to release blockages in your life

This Intensive 8-day self-study programme includes an hour of Private Spiritual Practices per day for 8 days.

There will be 8 different Spiritual Practices, one covered per day.

Transform your life through Spiritual Growth and Spiritual Development.


So think about what do you want to shift?



  • Relationship: It could be you keep meeting the same kind of partners who do not commit.
  • Belief: It could be believing you will never be married.
  • illness: You could have a terminal illness.
  • Feeling Stuck: You could be feeling stuck in your life with no creativity in you.
  • Not Good Enough: It could be that you cannot see anything good for yourself, because everyone has what you want, and you feel you have nothing or you feel left out.


Who is this course for?

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Or maybe you:

  •  You want a new partner
  •  You are looking for new growth in your career or business
  •  You want to transform your blockages and suffering
  •  You are looking for ways to manifest your goals with ease
  •  You feel there is more to your life
  •  You feel you have more to give but do not know what it is
  •  You are surrounded by 'drama' 
  • You want a shift in your life
  •  You feel lost and lonely
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What will the 8 days of spiritual practice do for you? 


You will learn about and practice 8 different Spiritual Practices. 

The 8 Spiritual Practices are: Numerology 8, 888, Forgiveness, Protection, Mantras, Sacred Space, Inner Smile, EFT and Soul Prayer


  • There will be a lot of releasing, clearing and cleansing.  
  • You will experience a lot of revitalisation, restoration and rejuvenation.
  •  You will lift your life and awaken your Soul.
  •  You will have a deeper relationship with yourself.
  •  You will align yourself to a higher frequency: the Source and refine your vibration.
  •  It will empower you to be more than you thought possible.
  •  You will have a breakthrough to a specific problem.
  •  You will experience greater clarity and insight.
  •  You will have lifetime access to this programme.   


    Each day you will practice a Spiritual Practice to shift, release and remove blockages to your happiness.

    The idea is to practice each Spiritual Practice for an hour a day.

    You can break it up into 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes and make up the one hour during the day.

    Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to conquer and vanquish your blockages.

    This intensive 8 Days Spiritual Practice will have you connecting with your Soul and the Divine.

    You are a Soul on a Spiritual journey. Let us keep the flames of expansion growing. Let us get great results.

    Are you ready for another aspect of your Soul calling you?


Who runs this course?

Toks is a Master Healer, Teacher, Alchemist, Practitioner, Intuitive Coach and Mentor.

She has a passion to awaken, transform, and empower her international soul aligned clients and students.  Her greatest joy is to witness their miracles and see the transformation in their faces, lives, and behaviour.  ‘Toks, I am living my dream.’ ‘I am getting married.’ ‘I am pregnant.’ ‘I am alive in every way.’  ‘I am much better and healed from my trauma.’ ‘I can trust again.’ ‘I am running my business.’ ‘I choose to say yes to my life.’

She continues to help her clients ‘break free from overwhelm, negativity and confusion’; ‘see clearly’, ‘remove blocks’ and ‘listen to my inner voice’.  The ripple effect of this means that she has worked with thousands of people (babies, elders, nuns, lawyers, royalty, celebrities, artists, the sick and dying) to find wholeness.

In mainstream education, she has taught personal development to children who have fallen off the school system, employability to ESOL students, and relaxation to vulnerable, battered women. Her gatherings activate a catalytic change in people’s life.

She has toured sacred lands, (Egypt, Mexico, Greece, Italy, France, Nigeria), connecting to their power, wisdom, and healing energy; to amplify her knowledge and healing ability.

She has created the ‘I Greet You’ Invocation Blessing of powerful prayers and the Hands of Light Academy platform for learning and community. She serves with tools to master your life, Quantum Leaps, Light Activations, Downloads, and Intuitive Soul Consultations.


Say yes to life and work with me


This is a GREAT GIFT for yourself and others. Share this with your friends and others you feel would benefit from this healing and empowering intensive ‘8 Days Spiritual Practice’.

"I attended Toks' 8-Days Intensive Spiritual Practice to release & heal and I felt it really helped to open me up spiritually. The tips and information she gives is explained in a clear and easy manner. I would certainly recommend her courses to anyone wanting to reconnect to themselves or boost their spirituality."  


The course has helped me think about money in a different way. I usually get scared to spend money, but I’m thinking abundantly and imagining money circling the figure of 8 and coming back to me. As a result, I’ve treated myself and my husband with an expensive holiday. I feel free and happy.


This helped me with my business decisions.  It made me clear headed and joyful. I can concentrate better and make more accurate and confident decisions in various areas of my life. Thank you very much for this amazing course, Toks.  You rock. Thank you for helping me shine more and excel in life.


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